School Philosophy

The Staff of the Dugard Combined School believes:
That every child can learn and can develop his/her full potential if he/she needs and provides the resources which he/she requires to sustain his/her motivation and interest.


* To improve student achievement in literacy and numeracy:
* To cater for the needs and interests of individual students;
* To promote a safe and orderly, and stimulating learning environment;
* To develop a committed group of parents and a supportive community;
* To develop competence in the use of Information Technology among students

By the year 2015, we will have developed an institution that:
* Develops independent and productive citizens with moral and spiritual values;
* Caters for the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of every child;
* Works collaboratively with all parents and other stakeholders in order to achieve the school’s goals;
* Maintains a culture where staff is trained, motivated, committed, competent, co-operative and innovative